How To Properly Pack Your Lamps

Lamps are bulky and fragile, and we tend to have a number of them throughout our homes, which makes them one of the most troublesome items to move. Here’s how to pack up your lamps:
Remove the bulb and harp. Discard the bulb, unless you have a safe and secure way to pack it. Incandescent bulbs are cheap and easily replaceable, but LEDs are a bit more expensive and might be worth the extra packing time and materials.

PRO TIP: Moving is a great time to upgrade to energy-efficient LEDs. Save yourself the time and hassle of packing up fragile incandescent bulbs and replace your existing bulbs with LEDs at your new home.

Disassemble and pack the lamp base and shade separately:

For the lampshade, use a sturdy box that’s at least two inches larger than the lampshade. Line the box with paper to prevent the lampshade from shifting, gently wrap the lampshade with packing paper. NEVER use newspaper, the ink from the paper can fade onto your lampshade. Resist the temptation to pack other items in with your lampshade. You can pack in smaller lampshades if you layer them with packing paper, pillowcases, or light towels.

For the lamp bases, Wrap each base in packing paper, if the base is a delicate material like glass or porcelain, you may want to add a couple of layers of paper around the base.
Unlike lamp shades, you can probably get away with packing multiple bases in one box. Just be sure not to rest anything on top of the upper part of the lamp—the harp, finial, switch, you don’t want any metal getting bent out of shape.

Additional Lamp Packing Tip
Measure your lamps before buying the boxes. The more appropriately sized boxes you can buy for packing up your lamps, the safer your lamps will be.

Dondi Ahlers