Tips For Moving During The Summer Time:


Plan ahead of time: If you are moving during the summertime, you need to be more on top of things. This is the busiest season for moving companies, and they are booked weeks ahead of time, so even if you’re not moving for a few months, remember there is no such thing as too early.

 Research Movers: Just because you find that the first few moving companies you have called are booked, don’t settle for some random ad on Craigslist. Be diligent, do your research, ask for references, and check the moving companies reviews on Google, this says a lot about the company. 

 Move-In Day Preparation: You should make sure the air conditioner is turned on but once the moving company arrives and they men start moving things in, the door will be open for an extended period, which means you’ll just be sending your money out the door. The best practice is to turn on the fans and wait for the AC until the men are about done bringing things inside.

 Involve Your Older Children: Sure, it is probably easier to have them hang with their friends but moving can be a difficult transition for kids of any age, having them help out can give them a sense of ownership.

  Get a Pet Sitter: The last thing you want is for your cat or dog to get loose, which would add another layer of stress to the day. Send them off to a pet daycare or have a friend watch them.

 Stay Cool & Hydrated: There is a chance you’ll be moving in 95-degree heat and facing 95 percent humidity. Be prepared by loading a cooler full of ice and filling it with water and refreshments. 

Dondi Ahlers