Ways To Make Your Move Easier

Here are a few ways to help with the moving process. 

1. Have a packing plan.

Give yourself a daily box quota to prevent a draining weekend of non-stop packing. You can start with your storage room or closets that have the non ending items in them. You can even pack part of your kitchen, Im sure you have those non-using utensils or baking pans that can be packed a head of time. 

2. Don't pack you closet.

If you are using a professional moving company, ask them to bring enough wardrobe boxes on the  day of your move. If you want to save money you can load these boxes while the movers are loading the truck, then you can unload them at your new place.  Keep in mind a wardrobe box holds about three feet of clothing but you can utilize the bottom of the box with blankets or shoes.

3. Haul your basic items before your movers come.. 

If you are able to get into your new home a little earlier, plan to take over the basic supplies. Unpack the bathroom or at least one of them. If you have small children take a box of their favorite items over for them to unpack as well it will keep them busy, while you are trying to unpack. Maybe even have a box or two of your kitchen items that you will need to cook with pizza pan, toaster, don't forget the coffee pot! You might need the caffeine to get you up and going the next morning..

4. Discover the neighborhood..

Take a walk around and be sure to meet your neighbors. It is a great way to find a handyman or the favorite babysitter in the area. It is also a great way to find friends for your little ones. The sooner they have friends to play with the happier they are, and it will start to feel like home for all of you.

Dondi Ahlers