Tips For Packing And Organizing

Who can't use some packing and organizing tips to help with their move. There are lots of ways to help assure your packing and moving go as smoothly as possible. Here are just a few tips help...

1) Make sure you have enough supplies. 

You will need lots of boxes more then you think you'll need trust me. Every time I talk to a client about the number of boxes, they say to me "we can't have that many boxes can we"?  Well, yes you can, and having enough supplies on hand will make your packing experience a lot easier. If you buy your boxes from a local moving company or store you can always return them. Have about 8 to 10 boxes set aside for last minute items. Whatever you do don't forget the tape! You will need a good strong tape, to tape your boxes shut, and to make sure the bottom of the boxes are secure.  Don't use newspaper on fine china, it can stain.  I would recommend you purchase some packing paper from a local box company or the moving company that is moving you. 

2) Use your wardrobe boxes wisely.

Moving companies can supply these on the day of your move or maybe a couple days before. Use plastic shopping bags to fill shoes, sweaters, belts, etc, and place them in the bottom of your wardrobe box before adding the hanging clothes.  Make sure you pack the hanging clothes tightly in your wardrobe box, this will help assure that the clothes won't fall off the hangers in the box.

Another great way to use the wardrobe boxes is to pack items such as blankets, comforters, pillows, any lightweight bulky items, just make sure the boxes don't get to heavy. 

3) Color coordinate the boxes.

Assign a color to each room for example, green for living room, yellow for master bedroom, etc. Then place colored stickers on the boxes, if you purchase large enough stickers you should label the box with items you will need right away such as your coffee pot, or toast for the next morning... In your new home place the colored sticker on the door so the movers know where to place the boxes. If you want the movers to place the boxes in a particular area of a room place a sign that  says (put boxes here). This will illuminate the boxes being in the movers way while they carry in the furniture.

4) Make a plan for cleaning your old home.

If you need to clean your old home after moving out, put together a tote of cleaning supplies, and rags you will need. Clean what you can ahead of time, the oven, inside your kitchen cupboards, refrigerator, etc. Ask the movers if they can move one room at a time or the basement first that way you can vacuum the area, and have it all done.


That it for today check back with us again for more packing and moving tips!

Dondi Ahlers