Reasons Why You Can Lose Your Deposit

Moving can be expensive, and the last thing you want to worry about is if you are going to get your deposit back.  Here are a few reason why your landlord might keep all or some of your deposit.... 

1) You have damaged the property in someway.  This is not normal wear and tear to the rental property. You should not lose your deposit for normal wear and tear to the rental property.  This would be if you or a guest did something to the property that would cost the landlord money to fix it, for example a hole in the wall or a burn in the carpet, the landlord could deducted money from your deposit to fix the damage.

2) Bills or rent has not been paid.  Always keep your receipts for your rent, and utilities.  You don't want your landlord to deducted money from your deposit for something you already paid for!

4) You have left the property unclean.  I know moving takes a lot of time and the last thing you want is to clean your old place, but that extra cash could come in handy for extra moving costs that might occur.  So make sure you take time to clean before the finally inspection.

5) You move out before the rental agreement has officially ended.  Check with your landlord at least a month early if you are moving before your lease is up.  Depending on the lease agreement your landlord can charge you rent for every month that is left on your lease.  Sometimes if you are renting from an individual and not a company they will let you off the hook if they can find another tenant. 


This blog was written by: Dondi Ahlers/Owner Advanced Moving 

Dondi Ahlers