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Helpful Information When Getting A Moving Estimate…


The type of estimate you receive from a moving company will help ensure your peace of mind. You should feel comfortable with your estimate, plus the moving company.  To help the process you will need to give the moving company an accurate list of all household items along with a count of boxes. Make sure you tell the moving company about all heavy and over large items. If you are moving long distant I would highly recommend you setup a time for the moving company to come to your house, so they can get an accurate count of all your belongs. Don’t forget to tell them about items in your attic or shed.


The two most common estimates are for a local move or a long distant move.


For a local move, moving companies normally charge by the hour, some will charge a trip fee or a millage fee this is for fuel, plus the drive time it takes for the movers to get to your current location.  If you want to cut cost for your local move try to be prepaid for the movers, have the beds taken a part, plus have pathways cleared for them.  Another helpful tip is to have all boxes in the garage.  This will save the movers time, plus save you some money.


For a long distant move, your cost will depend on the moving company. Some moving companies base their estimate on the weight of your household items, plus the total driving distance for the move. While other moving companies will base the estimate on the time it takes to load/unload your household items, along with total driving distance of the move. I would recommend you get both kinds of estimates this way you can compare the two.


When you have a long distant move you want to make sure the moving company gives you a binding not to exceed the moving estimate ora binding moving estimate.


A binding moving estimate holds the moving company to the cost they quoted you.  This will help you budget for the move, when moving day arrives you will know the exact cost of your move. However if the actual cost of the move is less, for example: you get an estimate from a moving company based on the weight of your household items, but the actual weight is less, you still have to pay the full amount.


A binding not to exceed moving estimate is the best kind of estimate to get.  The cost of the move will only be adjusted if the cost is lower then your estimated cost. You can think of it as a “price protection” for your move. This type of estimate is most popular for long distant moves.


A non-binding moving estimate this estimate is not common. Your final cost can be lower or higher then the estimate.  If you were moving long distant I would not recommend you hire a moving company that gives you this kind of estimate.  You will not know what your final cost will be, but if you feel gutsy and decide to hire a moving company that gives you a non binding estimate, please be aware the moving company can only charge you 10% more then your estimate on the moving day, but if the amount exceeds the 10% you will need to pay the moving company the final balance with in 30 days.


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Dondi Ahlers