Just Married and Now Moving into a New Home

Moving in with your new love for the first time can be thrilling yet nerve wracking at the same time.  Here are some tips to HELP keep the honeymoon state going.. 


  • Out with the old and in with the new. Before you move take an INVENTORY of everything the two of you have, and make a list of what to keep and what needs to go.  More and likely you have duplicates of some items, and taking inventory will prevent you from moving unwanted duplicates.

  • If you are doing your own packing. Pack your boxes with similar items from the same room. Zip lock baggies work great for small hardware from furniture or decorative pieces. Don't forget to label your boxes, so you can place them in the CORRECT room in your new home..

  • If you are ORDERING new household times have them delivered to your new home several days after you move in. This will avoid you moving them twice. Make sure your cable guy comes after you have decided where you want your TV to go. It's not easy to hide that black cable in the living room!

  • Most important, leave the actual moving to the professional. Hire a moving company. Not only will this save you from trying to get your friends to HELP, then worry that something is going to get damaged or even broken, and how can you say anything to a friend that is trying to help you out. This is a busy time for you let us help make your move go as smooth as possible! Look for a company with in your community, ask friends and colleagues who they would recommend.

Dondi Ahlers