How To Stage Your Home While Packing For A Move

You have your house on the market. You are having regular showings, keeping your house as clean as possible, but you're still ready to get packing and organizing for the move.  How do you show your home to its greatest advantage and pack at the same time? The answer is staging.

Staging is the concept of preparing your home to appeal to as many buyers as possible. Staging increases the chance that people viewing your home will imagine it as their own. You can do this by removing personal belongings, including photos, and certain items that identify the home as yours. You cut down the clutter in each room so it is on the verge of sparse, or as close to it as you can get. Serious staging can even include keeping paint and furniture coverings neutral in color. Staging your home can reduce the time it's on the market.

So here are a few tips you can do while your home is up for sell…

Pack/Stage. Work through one room at a time with your packing supplies, collecting small visible items such as photos, mementos, souvenirs. Wrap and pack them up in a labeled box. If the room has a closet, place the boxes in there, out of sight. Eventually you'll have to create a space for moving boxes.  All furniture surfaces should be bare, if possible.

Reduce items. You can pack up wall hangings, mirrors, and small furnishings if you have room to store them; this is where temporary storage can be helpful. If you have shelving in the garage go through the garage boxes, get rid of unwanted items. Then go through your rooms in your home, pack items to put on the garage shelves. The packed boxes look nice and organized on the shelves, and your rooms are clean and bare, which will be appealing to people viewing your home.

If space is really tight in your home and you have no other option for storage, I still recommend the packing/staging process for improving the chances of a quick sell. People viewing the home know you are selling, so they won't be turn off by a few boxes stacked neatly against a wall in a room.

Good Luck…

Dondi Ahlers


Dondi Ahlers