How To Plan For Large Furniture On Moving Day

Moving is often time and money engaging and there are always plenty of details to consider. One of them is dealing with large furniture.  It is important to know if your furniture will fit through doors or even windows of your new home, so you will need to make a good floor plan. 

Take Measurements, you will need to know the size of your furniture first before moving it.  Then take measurements of doors, windows, and hallways.  You will need to make sure your furniture will fit in your new home before it leaves your current home.

If your furniture will not fit down your hallways, or through the doors check and see if your can dismantle it.  If so make sure you have the proper tools, or the moving company you hire has the knowledge to dismantle your items.  A professional moving company should be able to dismantle and reassemble most furniture, but keep mind this will take more time, which means more money...

As a last resort you can get rid of the furniture, sell it, donate it, or give it away. This would be an opportunity for you get new items.  Something else to consider is putting the furniture into a storage unit until you decide what is best...

Always consider the cost and time it will take to either dismantle and reassemble the furniture, or storage fees and time to take the furniture to storage. These are always added cost to the day of your move when hiring a moving company.  Make sure you get a quote from you movers so you know what to except!

Dondi Ahlers