Climate Controlled Storage

Climate Controlled storage, there are two reasons why you use it:

Because you want it
Because you need it

Climate Controlled storage is generally the most expensive type to rent because it is heated and air conditioned to stay between 65 to 74 degrees. This makes them ideal for storing all sorts of household goods, business records and samples and any other items you wish to pamper. Think of it as a never ending day at the spa for your belongings. They will always be at a comfortable temperature and never have to sweat in high humidity.

Some storage facilities that do not offer Climate Controlled storage lockers will tell you that there is never a need for it. The truth is that for certain items you do need it or you may just prefer to have it. Some people decide that they would rather pay the extra cost for Climate Controlled to know that their items will kept in a safe and secure place with no varying temperatures and very low humidity, almost as though they never left their homes. This method is preferred so there is never any question about, “Is this type of storage safe for my stuff?”

So when do you need Climate Controlled storage? Any time you are storing items that are antiques, family heirlooms, temperature sensitive materials or product samples temperature control is best. This creates an atmosphere with little change and therefore will give less opportunity for your items to change. Below is a list of items that prefer to be kept in Climate Controlled storage:
Paintings and photos
Family Heirlooms
Musical Instruments
Leather, Suede and other sensitive materials
LPs, Cassettes, Record Players
Expensive furniture

Dondi Ahlers