9 Great Reasons to Move to South Dakota

1: Even in the larger cities there is no escaping the small town life in South Dakota. This means saying hello to a strange walking down the street and even making small talk about the weather, or your favorite hobby. Helping your neighbor when they are in need and of course they will return the favor. 

2: If you are a hunter or a fishermen this is were you want to live, South Dakota is know for having the best pheasant hunting in the nation. There is designated area’s for hunting duck, turkey, and elk all over the state.  If your passion is fishing you have to try out the Missouri river particularly around Pierre, plus other well know lakes in the eastern part of the sate.

3: The cost of living in South Dakota is over 20 percent lower than the US average! The reason, lower housing costs, food, and consumer good prices.  Another plus to living in South Dakota, the state does not levy any taxes on individual wage income, with an average household income of $42,000.00, this is a huge saving for all households in South Dakota. The average cost to purchase a home in South Dakota is $160,000.00. Please keep in mind this is for the larger cities, the cost will depend on the region you live in with the rural areas being less in cost.

4: Your commute will always be short and easy! If you are coming from other majors cites you will find driving in Sioux Falls and other South Dakota cities to be a breeze. In 2012 Sioux Falls was named the Allstate Insurance’s  “America’s Safest Driving City” for the fifth year in a row. The report cited that Locals averaged and accident once every 13.8 years.

5: Sioux Falls consistently ranks in the top 50 growing cities in the United States. Sioux Falls is the fastest growing city in South Dakota with an increase of 24% since 2010. The city of Sioux Falls raves on having low unemployment rats of 3.5 percent this is well under the national average. This is due to the number of white-collar jobs that continue to grow in and around the Sioux Falls area from major financial companies that headquarter here for the low corporate state income tax.

6: There are a number of very good universities in South Dakota. Northern State University and Dakota Sate University, both average around 3,400 students per year. Dakota State University was founded in 1881 as a school for teacher education. Today they are one of the most technologically advanced colleges in the Midwest.  Northern State University is a university dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the liberal arts and in graduate and professional education. South Dakota State and University of South Dakota are our two largest Universities; both have Division 1 sports programs. South Dakota State has an average of 13,000 students and specializes in biological and agricultural research. The university of South Dakota averages a little over 10,000 students, and specializes in business, law, and medicine.

7: There are only two major interstates in South Dakota. Interstate 90 runs East and West it connects Rapid City to Sioux Falls, then Sioux Falls to Minnesota. Interstate 29 runs North and South ultimately connecting you to Canda and Kanasas City.

8: South Dakota is one of the few states with population under a million. As the 17th largest state but the fifth least populated right around 853,000.

9: My reason for living in South Dakota, I wouldn’t say it’s the winters! But our beautiful sunrises and sunsets definitely help make up for some of our very cold days. It’s the little things that I love about small town living. When I go to the grocery store, and the grocery store clerk knows my name, or when I forget to put a stamp on my mail and the postman does it for me. I love knowing the kids my children are going to school with, and when I walk into their school the secretary knows me, because of all the time I volunteered.  When go to Church on Sunday morning and see my children’s teachers in church with us. It’s a nice feeling knowing my kids are safe to ride their bikes around town after dark or walk to the pool during the summer with friends. Small town living can give you a peace of mind because your neighbors are not strangers, they are family living in the small town with you every day!

This blog was written by:

Dondi Ahlers

Owner/Advanced Moving

Dondi Ahlers