Advanced Moving of Sioux Falls

Tips for selling your home

Before you move, here are some important home improvements to consider:

Curb Appeal

The outside of your home is the first part a buyer sees, so you need strong curb appeal. Be sure to cut your grass and trim all brushes. Keep flowers looking fresh, if it’s summertime.  Is there damage that needs to be repaired? What shows lack of attention? Some of the most typical issues outside are repairing shingles or fixing window leaks. Take the time now to fix and update outdoor issues, and you’ll make your property more appealing to buyers.

What your inspector might find

From electrical issues to broken heating systems, problems with the systems of your home are likely to be obvious to an inspector. That’s why investing in a few maintenance services now is worthwhile — it could be all it takes to get your home ready to sell.

Inside your home

A fresh coat of paint turns the inside of you home into a newer, fresher inviting place, ready for someone to move into without breaking your bank account.


Blog written by:

Dondi Ahlers