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Tips For Packing Your Garage

Garages can be one of the hardest parts of your house to pack, mainly because of all of the odd size, sharp, heavy, and hazardous materials. So often our customers will tell us they need one truck just to move all the stuff in their garage!  Whether you're moving locally, or a cross country these tips should help take away some of the burdened of packing up all those tools and miscellaneous items…


 1) Declutter your garage

Before you begin packing items inside your home, take some time to re-evaluate everything you’ve been storing in your garage. If you’re like most people you might not remember what’s in all those tubs or what’s tucked away on some of those shelves.  So before you pay a Moving Company to move all your unused items, get rid of them.


2) Keep what you might need to use on your moving day

A drill will come in handy when you need to take apart your bed frames or disassemble a desk or two. Also you might have to fix a few holes in the wall. Put aside a box of small tools, like a drill, hammer, etc...


3) Box the hand tools and power tools up

These all need to be packed in small boxes or totes.  Don't pack them all into a large box, it makes the box way to heavy for one guy to pick up, plus you run the chance of the bottom breaking open. Power tools should be put inside the case that they came in and then packed into a small box or tote.  If you don't have the case that they originally came in, wrap all pointy and sharp ends in wrapping paper and secure with packing tape.


4) Get Rid of Hazardous Materials

Gasoline, antifreeze and other chemicals do not travel well.  Plus most moving companies will not transport them.


5) Prepare Your Lawn Mower

Drain the oil and gas from your mower. Make sure the blade is clean and empty the grass catcher. Do the same for all other gas powered lawn tools.


6) Break Down Patio Furniture

 Patio furniture can be big and bulkily which takes up room on the moving truck.  So dismantle the furniture as much as you can.


 This Blog was written by: Dondi Ahlers Owner/Advanced Moving