Advanced Moving of Sioux Falls

Tips For Common Packing Mistakes

1) Leave packing for moving day

 One of the most common packing mistakes is to leave most of the packing until the big moving day. If you have hired movers this will be very chaotic, not unless you have hired them to do the packing for you. Trying to pack your household belongs around the movers is nearly in possible, you will be in their way and they will be in yours. Mostly like this will end up costing you more money, because the actually moving process is going to take longer.  So when you get your moving date set, start planning the packing process.

 2) Not using the right kind of boxes

 When you use poor quality card boxes they can easily break under the weight of their own contents. While purchasing, or finding your boxes make sure they are cleaned, dry and study.  If you can afford to purchase new boxes, I would highly recommend it especially if you are moving long distance.

 3) Leaving empty space in your moving boxes

 Another packing mistake is to leave empty space in the box when packing breakable items. The inside of the box won’t be fully utilized this can cause fragile objects to come into contact with one another. As a result, some or all of your items can become chipped, broken or ruined.

 So, don’t skimp on padding and filling supplies! Use crumped pieces of packing paper, or sheets of bubble wrap, if nothing else you can use kitchen or bath towels to fill in the space of the boxes.

This Blog is written by: Dondi Ahlers

Owner – Advanced Moving