Advanced Moving of Sioux Falls

Should you tip the movers, if so how much?

Tip etiquette is a touchy subject under any circumstances. It's even more fraught with questions when deciding whether to tip your movers.

Because movers are entrusted with your personal belongings do much of the heavy lifting, you may feel obligated to reward them for their service. 

Although they are being paid to provide a service and to move your belongings from place to place, they could be worthy of an extra recognition of a job well done.

So, yes, if you are happy with your move you could give them a tip! Movers do not expect a tip and they won't stand in front of your house with their hand stretched out .

If you think your movers deserve a tip, what amount should you give them? Again, there's no set rule.

The quality of the move should be a factor in your decision how much to tip. Assess how carefully your items were moved into your new place, and adjust you tip up or down depending on the level of service you received. 

One other piece of advice: If you decide to tip, divide the cash equally, and hand it to each mover.