Advanced Moving of Sioux Falls

Moving in the rain

With all the rain we have been getting, I thought a couple tips for moving in the rain might help!

Wrap artwork or framed items in plastic wrap, carefully wrap your framed artwork or photos with plastic wrap, it'll keep rain from dripping into gaps or seams in the frame. It'll also keep rain from dripping in behind the glass.  

Cover clothes, or other large textiles with trash bags. Your clothes and other soft textiles won't necessarily become damaged by rain, but it can be a pain having to machine dry a bunch of items as soon as you move in! 

 To help prevent slipping, lay sheets of cardboard in the entryway and also along the path between the door and the truck. Place old sheets, rugs or carpets on floors of the home where the movers will be walking, this will help decrease the mud and water on your floors in your old/new home.