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Moving With Pets In The Summer


It’s moving day and you’ve got to take your pet from their old home to their new one. Whether it’s a cross-country move or just a move across town, moving is very stressful on your furry friend. While the movers are moving your belongings, your pet needs a cool, safe and comfortable place to hang out. They don’t like anything upsetting their normal routine.  A new home, full of new smells and a new floor plan is a huge change for them.

 Dogs and cats keep cool differently than we do. They don’t sweat to keep cool as our bodies do. They use panting as a cooling method. So, if your dog or cat is panting excessively, they are probably really hot.

Just like humans, when pets get hot they need extra water to stay hydrated and cool.  So, make sure you have extra water on hand just for them.

Do NOT leave pets in the car or the moving truck, if the inside of your vehicle or moving truck is too hot for you to sit in with the windows cracked, then it is way too hot for your furry friend. If you need to stop for food, send someone inside to grab it.  Please remember never ever put your furry friend in the back of a moving truck!

This blog is written by:

Dondi Ahlers