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Items You Should Throw Out Before Moving

Moving and Packing


Packing is never fun, but unpacking house hold items you haven’t used in years can be even worse! Before you start packing all those items that have been sitting in your drawers or cabinets just collecting dust think about getting rid of them. Here are some suggestions…


Clothing: Lets face it we all keep clothes that maybe one day we will wear again, but that day can easily turn into years. Has you start packing your clothing ask yourself, have I worn this in the last year, does it fit? If the answer is no, then think about giving these items to a local charity. You will actually save yourself money by not having to buy as many wardrobes boxes.


Old Bathroom Items: I recommend tossing items that are expired or you no longer use. Makeup, soap, lotion, and old towels. Don’t bother packing these items again save yourself a few dollars by packing one less box!


Unwanted DVDs and CDs: Get into the times! TV shows, movies, music can all be streamed with a click of a button.  You don’t need to fill your drawers and shelves with these items anymore.


Old Furniture: If you are downsizing you will definitely need to consider have a rummage sell or donating you unused furniture.  Get rid of old office furniture unused lamps, coffee tables, curio cabinets, etc.  You don’t want to junk up your new home with too much furniture.


Kitchen Items: If your cabinets are full of unused, chipped glasses, cups, bowls, etc.  Think about donating these items to your local thrift store. Like I said before save yourself a little money by not packing these items you will never use.


Unused toys: Do your children have toy’s they never play with or have outgrown? If so, I suggest you donate these toys to a local church, or charily.  Get your children involved so they can see their toys are going to good use!



Old Home Deco: If you are like me you have old picture frames, vases, baskets, decorative pillows tucked away in closets with the purpose of using them again. Well it’s time to give these items away. Maybe you know of a young couple or person you could use some home deco? If not, I’m sure your local thrift store would be happy to take these items.

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Dondi Ahlers

Owner/Advanced Moving