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What you should to unpack first and why!!

First, you will want to unpack the necessities in the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen to help keep the family going. Then you can go back and unpack each room in its entirety as you have time.

What room to unpack first?

Bedrooms:  Make sure the movers you have hired setup all the beds for you. Trust me you will want your comfy bed ready for you when you call it a day! Make sure you know which boxes you have packed the sheets, blankets, comforters etc. Unpack the wardrobe boxes you have packed with the clothes you and your family will need for the first few days in your new home. Trust me, you want to take the time while packing to make sure you have separate wardrobe boxes packed with the clothing your family will need for the first few days in your new home. This will alleviate the stress of trying to find the favorite shirt that your son/daughter will only wear

Bathroom: This room is pretty easy to unpack, hang the shower curtain, unpack your toiletries, and make sure you have some towels. You will definitely want to take a nice hot shower after a long day of moving.

Kitchen: I bet you thought this was the room you should start with? Unfortanly most kitchens can take days to unpack and organize. So what you want to do is just unpack the essentials, your toaster, coffee pot, some dishes and pots pans, items you will need to keep yourself and your family going. Make sure to write “kitchen essentials” on the boxes this way you will know which boxes to unpack first. If you have small children you will probably want to unpack their favorite cups, plates etc. So they feel at home in the place.

 A few other items you might want to pack separately are the TV Cable Box, DVD Player, and DVR. It’s always nice to just sit back, relax and watch a great movie.

If you have small children pack their favorite toys or items in a box, so they can stay busy unpacking and play with them while you are unpacking as well.

After you have partially unpacked and set up your new home’s bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen you can follow your own schedule that fits into your day-to-day work and actives you, your husband, or children might have.


I hope these ideas help you with the stress of unpacking.

This blog was written by:

Dondi Ahlers

Owner/ Advanced Moving