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How plants help your health and wellness

 Here are a few ways plants increase the health and wellness within your home.

1)  Having plants in and around your home increases your daily air quality. Plants release oxygen into the air while taking in carbon dioxide. Plants are a natural air filter and can help to provide a quality living space within your home. Breathing in oxygen from surrounding plants benefits your entire body. The connections in your brain work better and fresh air may help you feel less tired as well.

2)  Certain plants produce scents that can invigorate the mind and body. Placing plants that give off refreshing scents around your home can also help boost your productivity. Plants such as lavender, basil, and mint all have great scent qualities that can increase your body’s energy. Find plants that you like by visiting a local garden center and choosing those plants that are both visually beautiful as well as give off a pleasant scent.